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Instructions for Nutridone:

Take three (3) tablets per day, one with each meal or not on an empty stomach.

***** If you have BAD constipation, you should start with six tablets per day or two with each meal for one week.

If still constipated call 1-877-443-5774, to find out what to do.

The first you are likely to notice is increased energy. Not the jittery or bouncing off the wall kind of energy but the natural of your body.

 The constipation should be gone in about one week. The sweating or hot flashes usually start to diminish in about ten (10) days.

The sugar craving will take at least one (1) whole bottle maybe even two (2) bottles. The Nutridone will stop the craving.

You must break the habit that has now formed from the craving.

Remember the following is based on averages as reported from individuals who have taken Nutridone.

Every individual is exactly that, an individual, and that the times frames may vary from individual to individual.

If you have further questions, call us at 1-877-443-5774.



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