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Developed for the methadone side effects and the methadone patients

Now a nutritional supplement formulated especially for methadone side effects and the methadone patients. Methadone, while offering valuable attributes and benefits to those who need it, creates an assortment of health issues.

With its aggressive formulation of vital nutrients and vitamins, Nutridone potently addresses such real-world issues as regularity and constipation related to the use of Methadone and its side effects.  Nutridone has no iron because it interferes with hepatitis C patients and increases constipation.. Try this patented and tested product. Simply take 1 tablet 3 times per day with a glass of water and feel the difference. Other methadone patients got more energy and help with their constipation problems. You can too!! Fight back against the methadone side effects with the vitamin supplement Nutridone. Order Nutridone Today!

1 -90 cap. bottle $24.95 +$6.50 shipping and handling.

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