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NUTRIDONE for Methadone Patients: Improvement of Methadone Maintenance Therapy.

Scientific studies have revealed that opiate addiction is a chronic, progressive disease of the brain for which presently there is no known cure. Methadone Maintenance Therapy is the most thoroughly studied and most widely used. Methadone is a synthetic opiate with properties similar to natural opiates such as opium, morphine and heroin. Prolonged usage of opiates leads to tolerance, and both physical and psychological dependence on the opiate effects. Methadone is an orally administered medication which can be substituted for the other opiates that are typically injected. Therefore, opiate addiction is an illness and Methadone is a medication to treat it. However, like many other medications, Methadone may cause some adverse reactions or side effects in some individuals. Methadone Side effects such as euphoria, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, difficulty urinating, edema of the lower extremities, menstrual irregularities, sexual function problems, insomnia, constipation and excessive sweating may be experienced. Further complicating their problems, opiate addicts generally have poor dietary habits and are usually underweight and malnourished. It has been found that nutritional deficits, common in opiate addicts, may mediate or contribute to the deterioration of the immune function in these individuals. Immunological abnormalities have been observed in opiate addicts during Methadone Maintenance Therapy which may be in part due to chronic live disease and in part to a long past history of chronic injection of contaminated substances along with heroin prior to entering Methadone Maintenance Therapy.

  Sensing a need for a product to meet the needs of all methadone patients, a product, called NUTRIDONE, was developed especially for these patients. NUTRIDONE was developed through extensive testing of Methadone patients to specifically address the nutritional deficits commonly found in opiate addicts who are undergoing Methadone Maintenance Therapy, and to address the side effects of Methadone dosing. NUTRIDONE contains natural nutritional ingredients specifically formulated to mimic their activity as in their natural form. NUTRIDONE contains anti-oxidants that may help immune function.  NUTRIDONE has been shown to reduce the methadone side effects of sugar cravings, drowsiness, sweating and fatigue among Methadone users as well as to drastically improve elimination of body waste and enhance the bodies’ immune function. This was found to be true for Methadone patients who also suffered from Hepatitis C. Additionally, Methadone maintained opiate addicts taking NUTRIDONE have experienced marked long term improvement in general health and nutritional status. They have more vitality, alertness and a better sense of well being. They feel healthier and are more functional and productive citizens. Thus, the combination use of Methadone and NUTRIDONE meets the complete needs of the opiate addict making them much more likely to stay in a Methadone Maintenance Therapy program, and to become the contributor to themselves and to the society.

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